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Whitebox Cocktails – award winning bar quality cocktails in beautifully designed cans.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand story
  • Customer research 
  • Marketing action plan


The 3 founders had grown so fast they hadn’t had a chance to define the brand – it lived in their heads. This was now starting to slow the business down. Making group decisions meant reinventing the wheel every time. Not enough direction was being given to the marketing team for how to communicate effectively. In addition the founders were looking for further investment and wanted their pitch to be more compelling.



Founders used their story to raise £820k in crowdfunding. They feel they have a much richer brand and are able to make decisions much faster now they are aligned. They have a much stronger purpose to unite their team around and a much clearer guide on how to be consistent in messaging that sets them apart from the competition. 

With a clear action plan on what to focus on next Whitebox have replaced frustration with excitement for the future.


“We were definitely struggling with alignment before we started working with you as we all had a different view on how to achieve our vision and never made the time to create a plan we could all agree on. Getting us aligned was as important as the words that went on the brand guide. It would have been impossible to continue had we not done this, it would’ve been very destructive.”
Ben Iravani, Founder, Whitebox Cocktails



We have an in depth workshop process designed to get the brand out of founders’ heads. The process covers everything from the reason why you exist to the personality that will attract your #1 customer.   

As there were 3 founders who weren’t aligned on many things it required tough love – no section could be signed off until everyone was in agreement.


What influences your decision when deciding between brands? UX Reseach
What do you like about Whitebox Cocktails?

As the founders were making many decisions based on hunches we did an in depth email survey and x10 1:1 customer interviews. The research gave a fascinating insight into why customers loved the brand, how they used the product and how they felt about competitors.  All things that will shape the future strategy and inform investor conversations.

We also dug deep into the current market and competitors to find the white space for Whitebox to be the leader in. 

What became clear was that there were a hardcore of cocktail lovers who rejected the cheaper RTD options from the likes of M&S and were attracted to the design, ethos and quality of Whitebox. These would be the most important group to win over in order to scale wider.

“The customer research was incredibly valuable especially as you worked with us to tailor it to our customers with the questions we really needed answering. I’ve been referencing it in numerous conversations with investors and our team. 
When investors challenge us on the value we bring at our higher price point I now have numerous points from the research to respond with. We undervalued research and now we know we need to do more of that.”

Alex Lawrence, Founder, Whitebox



We created a compelling purpose and vision that aligned the founders, got them excited and could be used to motivate the existing team and recruit new team members. It’s impossible to create a stand out brand story without having this in place.

The founders passionately believed that the world of premium cocktails was still too exclusive and closed off to most people. They wanted this world to be open to anyone as they knew how much joy a great cocktail vs an average one can bring someone.

Based on the customer and market research we found that there was so much trust for the brand, customers wanted to know more about their story and wanted to be guided by the team in deepening their appreciation.

The clear differentiation from other premium canned cocktail brands would be combining the award winning experience of the founders with building a world around cocktails that is open to anyone and guides them on a life journey of appreciation.

That is a purpose that stands against a broken status quo and makes genuine positive impact in customers’ lives.

At every stage we worked closely with the founders to make sure they were in agreement and the guide would be strong enough for anyone in the team to make decisions without constantly having to get approval.

“We signed up to improve our brand storytelling but didn’t realise how important getting clarity on our purpose was. Having the brand living in my head was frustrating and sapped my energy. Everything was becoming time consuming because we had to sit down and discuss what is the purpose of this at every step when we didn’t have all the brand elements together.

Getting it down and aligned between the 3 founders was the most valuable part of the whole process as everything flowed easily once we’d all got behind it.”

Alex Lawrence, Founder, Whitebox


Brand Strategy - creating a brand language
Brand story: they key elements


Because people buy from people, not faceless brands we created a human personality designed to attract Whitebox’s #1 customer type.  We developed how that person would look, behave and sound. 

A mix of wisdom and confidence but always being open and approachable so no-one felt you had to be rich or knowledgeable to join this world.


To be remembered you have to repeat core messages but you can’t just repeat the same few phrases again and again. We used our unique framework to create core messages that clearly positioned Whitebox without reverting to boring repetition.


We used our story framework to build 2 stories. The story of Whitebox that goes way beyond their product. The story of their customers and what messages they need to hear depending where they are on the buying journey.

We connect the two so whenever you talk about yourself you relate it to how it helps your customers. When you talk about your customers you relate it to why helping them is important to you.

Whitebox now have a clearly defined story that ties up their journey, process and beliefs and clearly stands out from the competition. With the story framework it’s now easy to come up with new story ideas and never stare at a blank content calendar again.


Too many brand agencies deliver a guide and then walk away with the client unclear on how to turn all this work into results driven action. Not us – we’ll never walk away until you and your team are fully on board and ready to bring your brand strategy into everything you do. 


We don’t do cookie cutter and work closely with the client to make sure the guide gives them everything they need.  As there was a marketing team involved we broke the guide down into a mini guide that anyone in the marketing team could use for content planning.


Brand Marketing Activities

We worked together to take all the ideas that came from the work and put them into a marketing roadmap. We then discussed solutions to potential challenges. We will be doing regular check-ins to make sure the execution goes smoothly.


Whitebox Cocktails Crowdfunding

“Overall I’ve loved it and I’ve learned loads and I look at things differently now across all the work I do. If you’re serious about getting your brand together, this is the process you want and you’ll learn shit loads about storytelling and humanising a brand. In fact it’s been so influential I’m now trying to apply this thinking across everything else we do.”
Alex Lawrence, Founder, Whitebox Cocktails