About This Project

Building the MOD brand

Launching restaurants and growing an audience



MOD pizza is one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the US and was starting to establish a presence in the UK with 5 existing restaurants and big expansion plans when we started working with them. We were tasked with building their social presence and supporting their new restaurant launches


  • Use our system to build a strong brand and tell their story better
  • Create a promotional calendar with fun and engaging events that would get people involved online and instore


  • Big lines of people waiting outside the restaurants on each opening day
  • Grew the Instagram accounts from 2000 followers to just under 9000 in 6 months
  • Engagement across all channels grew
  • Big responses to our promotions online and instore

Social activity

Create much more engaging content and tailor it for each channel so the experience would be different on Facebook and Instagram including running different promotions on them. We dug deep to get into the MOD story and how we could create a strong personality around it using our mix of photography, video and illustration. We also encouraged people to engage more by asking a lot of fun questions and getting them to comment more on posts.


When we took over the Instagram account it was on 2000 followers. We built it up to just under 9000 relevant followers using controlled automation.

Promotional activity

Working together with MOD we created and ran a range of promotions to encourage engagement online and also to drive sales instore. This included a day offering free pizza for teachers. With some paid Facebook advertising behind it, this went viral getting an amazing amount of shares for a low spend and also generating a lot of goodwill. A really great initiative.

Facebook Bots

In addition we experimented using competitions to drive followers to a Facebook bot list (similar to an email list but on FB who we can automatically push messages out to). We grew the bot list to over a 1000 subscribers in a short amount of time using competitions which we boosted to people that had already engaged with previous Facebook posts (who are much more likely to respond). We only spent around £100 to acquire 1000 subscribers who we could then push promotional messages out to with an 80-90% open rate (industry average for email open rates is around 20%)

Store launches

We launched 2 restaurants for MOD in Borehamwood and in the centre of Leeds
We used our method of

  • Strong opening offers
  • Building hype on social media
  • Paid advertising

We offered free pizzas to the first 50 people that came through the doors for opening. In addition we had a range of promotional activities running instore over the opening week along with paid advertising and a lot of local marketing (we weren’t doing the offline this time). For both launches there were lines of people (again) outside the restaurant for opening and very strong opening weekends which helped cement the restaurants as popular, successful places in the local community

What MOD had to say:

Dan did a fantastic job in helping to grow our channels with engaging content and his great social insight. Dan is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a great social media specialist.

Jemma Morgan – Head of Marketing, MOD Pizza