Hi, I’m Dan…

Is your restaurant’s story good enough to fill your tables?


How come other restaurants have new customers lining up to eat there every week and they keep coming back? Could it be they do an amazing job of telling their story, both online and in the restaurant?


When I helped Chick ‘n’ Sours launch their first fast-casual restaurant CHIK’N, they served 2000 customers a day in their opening week. Not bad for a small chicken shop in Baker Street. Do you want that for your restaurant?


Most restaurant marketing is boring words and pictures that blur into an infinite scroll of forgettable content.


Plus I don’t know a restaurant that hasn’t been burned by an agency before and it’s always with the same complaint:


‘I spent all that money and I’ve got no idea if it made any difference’


Im a business owner too and used to be head of marketing for Napster UK so I know how hard it is to build an amazing brand you’re proud of.


You need to consistently get people excited about you and turn that into sales. I also know how hard it is to trust someone else with your money to do this for you.


But your restaurant won’t grow unless you invest in marketing and so it goes around in circles.


But there is a better way…


We work with emerging restaurant chains who create amazing experiences and want amazing marketing to match it. We’ll turn your customers into passionate fans who keep coming back, spreading that word of mouth gold.


To do this you need your brand to jump out using photos and video. You need words that grab people by the lapels to come and eat your food and you need to be able to do that EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But even with the best content in the world, it’s all for nothing without the right people to see it – both new customers and your existing ones.


We’ll do all that for you. We never stop learning how to do incredible marketing in cost effective ways.


We use an army of talent around the world so you get the best quality work and punch above your weight. We won’t charge a fortune for expensive videos that no-one sees.


We work with founders to go deep into your story and what makes you special.  We dream of the best ways to make your story stick in people’s heads so they share it with the world. Nothing will ever beat word of mouth for your restaurant.


No mindless captions – ours get people involved and generate more conversations than your competitors. This is what will drives sales in the end.


Other people will waste your money on social media advertising with only video views to show for all that spend. We’ve used it to grow email lists in the thousands so you can see the return on every pound you spend.


We don’t do standard influencer events for people that don’t care, making inane posts about your food. We build long term relationships with the right people and create unique events.


Just like ‘CHIKFEST’ where we tested out new food on awesome people and get them involved and talking about the development process.


Now everyone around you will tell you how much they love your marketing as well your food whilst your word of mouth goes through the roof. You’ll have more money and time to invest in other things that are important to you as your restaurant sales grow.


If you want to set the world on fire with marketing as good as your food, then get in touch. Let’s make some something remarkable together.

The SixEight Growth System

How we tell your story whilst growing your audience

This is how we dig deep to find your story and consistently tell it in the most engaging way possible. We make sure you have an ever growing and relevant audience to share it with, who care about your restaurant and will keep coming back.



The first place to start and the part so many people think they can leave out. What makes you special, who is your market, where do they hang out and what content do they like? We then turn that into the perfect plan for you.


The next part before we unleash your story is to finalise your brand. Do you have a clear identity, does it really reflect who you are and is it something people will care about? We’ll help you modify your existing brand or create a new one, whatever is needed.

Content Production

What content can we educate and entertain your customers with that’s right for your budget? From high level video production to blog posts, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media

We find the right channels for you to tell your story on and use the most effective techniques to keep growing your audience

Email marketing

Social media changes every day but your list will always be there which is why we take it seriously. We’ll help you to keep growing it whilst only sending out mails that your customers will want to open.

Paid Advertising

To get seen, sometimes you need to pay to play. In addition, channels like Facebook, Instagram and Google give you amazing targetting options that open you up to whole new audiences and get your story to people that others aren’t reaching.


It may not be sexy (we think it is) but if you can’t track whether your efforts are working or not then you’re wasting your money. It’s as simple as that. We’ll send you easy to follow reports so you can see how you’re progressing.

Let’s create a brand you’re proud of


Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance rather than the full marketing agency experience. Coaching can answer the questions that keep you awake at night, create goals that will move your restaurant forward and make you accountable to keep moving towards them. We offer coaching either as one-off sessions or as part of a series to set goals and achieve them. Get in touch to learn more how we can help you.