We specialise in creating marketing strategies that let you grow AND take control of your business


We took our years of experience working with huge global brands and small start-ups to design a powerful system that keeps bringing you long-term customers at a price you can afford


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“Every successful business made a plan and they stuck to it. You have to ask yourself if you want to be that business or not.”


Im Dan, the director of SixEight Marketing. My desire to be continually challenged has taken me all the way from the head of marketing of Napster UK, one of the biggest music brands in the world to managing a million dollar textile business in Luang Prabang, Laos. You can find out more about my career history on my LinkedIn Profile.


We love talking to business owners and hearing about your challenges, so book a free marketing review and I guarantee we’ll give you valuable advice you can start using on your business immediately.

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The system is the foundation of all our marketing strategies. We created our own system of marketing fundamentals based on many years of trial and error with  a wide range of businesses. Consider it our biblical commandments of marketing.


It doesn’t matter what your business is or what size you are, without the system in place you will never feel fully in control of your business and risk a future of stressful mediocrity. Remember, you’re allowed to run a successful business AND feel relaxed and in control at the same time. You just need the right system in place.

We spend an ungodly amount of time researching how marketing can turbocharge your business


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We love speaking to businesses and learning about your challenges. That’s why we offer everyone a free marketing analysis of your business, delivered as a video. We’ll analyse your current challenges and recommend the biggest wins you can start using on your business immediately.


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